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SoCal Advocacy

SoCal Advocacy is a professional lobbying and consulting firm that focuses on solving problems and creating opportunities for our clients.



The sister company of Sacramento-based Capitol Advocacy,

SoCal Advocacy has evolved into a team of professionals providing unmatched political insight and effective strategic consulting services while enhancing client relationships with key political leaders.


The scale, complexity, and significance of local government policies continue to escalate and impact virtually every enterprise. It is vital that corporations, organizations, and industry groups today ensure that their voices are heard.  SoCal Advocacy provides experienced and professional advocates to understand and voice the needs of our clients, keeping them apprised of new and changing trends and developments, and assisting them in forming tactical alliances. 


We work closely with our clients to set achievable goals, craft strategic arguments, and devise winning plans to address legislative challenges and opportunities. We implement strategies that help our clients win.

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