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SoCal Advocacy is a professional lobbying and consulting firm that solves problems and creates opportunities for our clients.


About SCA

SoCal Advocacy (SCA) is a full-service government relations and public affairs firm, with expertise, proven success and rich networks in advocacy, policy advancement and civic collaboration. Founded by Edward J. Rendon, SCA and its collaborative partners produce results that are principled, inclusive and effective in amplifying quality of life, economic health and social good throughout the Southern California region.


What We Do



Effective lobbying balances the right relationships with knowledge of the issues, the politics and the process.


We work with our clients to advance their business goals and protect their interests by creating an advocacy strategy based on our subject matter expertise and longstanding relationships with legislative bodies and local government agencies from Los Angeles to San Diego.


Whether it be local government leadership, council members, commissions, or environmental authorities, we will make sure your message is heard and fight for the appropriate action to be taken.


We don’t just solve problems – we anticipate them and work to prevent them from happening in the first place. That is proven in our track record, saving our clients millions of dollars in the process.

Business Meeting



SoCal Advocacy believes it is important to understand the issues we work on. To achieve our clients' policy goals, we make it a point to understand the clients’ background and industry whether the objective is to maximize revenues, speed time to market or expand reach within their respective industry. 


Our job is help clients identify and seize upon opportunities to expand their business.  Working side-by-side with clients we help them win public procurement and private investment contracts. 


Whether it is procurement, a zoning dispute, a communications issue or a need to garner community support, we provide the on-the-ground know-how to allow your business to succeed.




Engagement in the public policy decision-making process is essential to success in promoting your interests in today’s connected world, identifying and activating experts and supporters in the community is key to compiling information and educating legislators and public officials on the value of your policy goals.


Coalition and network building can be very effective when it comes to making your organization’s voice heard on matters of public importance. When stakeholders in the same industry or with the same interests band together behind a shared cause, they can raise the profile of the issue with policymakers and have a greater impact.


At SoCal Advocacy, our coalition building services help clients identify potential partners and collaboratively align their strategic messaging to advance a subject with government officials.

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Collaborative Partners


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